How To Reduce Costs And Enhance The Value Of A Business


Explain what methods you would use to reduce costs and enhance value within a business.

You will need to:

·    Explain how you would prepare and analyse a routine cost report

For this you need to show, using a real life example, how you would prepare a cost report – gathering data, selecting a report format, presenting the data, explaining variables, implications, and making recommendations.

·    Explain the use of performance indicators to identify potential improvements

Often known as Key Performance Indicators – you need to give examples of how these are used to maintain standards / quality levels / cost levels, and to generate improvements – such as when lowering the allowable wastage rate, or raising the targeted customer satisfaction level.

·    Suggest improvements to reduce costs, enhance value and quality

You will need to describe a workplace scenario – ideally in your own organisation – and recommend appropriate actions to bring improvements – such as find lower cost suppliers, automate processes, lower wastage levels, introduce quality management systems/ procedures and performance indicators.


The question belongs to Finance and it discusses about the methods used for reducing costs and enhancing the value within a business. This has been explained with analyzing routine cost report, using performance indicators to identify potential improvements.

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