How To Find Customers' Service Quality Perceptions


You are involved in finding customers’ service quality perceptions with any one of the following:

1. A fast food outlet in your city.
2. Public or private health care in your country or city
3. A bank in your city.

It is a condition of the assessment schedule that you undertake the necessary desk research (secondary data searches for the purpose of this assignment. You are NOT required to undertake an interview or survey or perform qualitative or quantitative analysis. Rather, it is expected that you will indicate which type of qualitative and quantitative research you would use and justify why these are important in your report.


Conduct an assessment of the marketing research process that would be required to address all the main informational needs in any of the 3 scenarios you have chosen under the “Market research assessment topic choice options for Assessment items 1 and 2” section. Critically appraise/evaluate the information that you obtain, while considering issues of relevance, methodological rigor, and reliability.

The report should cover:

1. The research scope required.
2. A definition of the main research problems, issues and needs.
3. The formulation of your research propositions and hypotheses.
4. What do you anticipate will be the component parts of the research, and why? Identify the
secondary/desk research sources relevant to the study, and what you wish to know from each of them. What did you find out?
5. Differentiate clearly between ‘nice to know’ and ‘need to know’ information.
6. Identify the gaps in the information that need to be filled later by primary research.
7. Identify how you intend to triangulate all aspects of your research to increase the confidence that you want in the information.
8. Identify the main ethical, professional, and reputation issues facing you as the researcher, and what you plan to do about these?


The task in marketing is about finding customer services quality in 3 locations viz., a fast food outlet, a public or private healthcare facility and a bank. In each of the places, the customer services quality must be assessed based on the levels of customer satisfaction. Even though all the three places offer only services and not a product, but in each of these places, the benchmarks for level of customer satisfaction are totally different and hence, the criteria for satisfaction shall also be different. Each of the above examples is explained in the solution.

Total word count is 1899


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