How to Design and Create a Website with HTML and Javascript


Your task is to create a website on anything that is of interest to you. The website will need to have minimum of 3 web pages. This means that you have an index page that will link to other pages and vice versa. The key for this website to be a success is for you being able to demonstrate that you have used key design principles to create your site.

1. Create Web Pages Using HTML

2. Your web pages must include the following elements:

Please note that proper nesting of tags is a must

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS):  The CSS should define the style of your webpages. All design elements used on your website should be defined and controlled via the CSS.

JavaScript: The purpose of Javascript is to add interactivity to your webpages. You must be able to demonstrate that you have incorporated at least 2 Javascript scripts within your website.

3. Report

Part of the task is to write a report [600-1000 words] answering the questions specified below.

a. Explain why you chose the CSS styles (color, font, spacing, theme, navigation, images, background) that you did. Discuss whether they make your website ‘user friendly’.

b. If your technological ability were limitless, what else would you want to do with this web site? How would it look, what features would it have? How would it communicate better who you are and/or what you believe in?

c. Find one other web site that you admire and provide the URL. What specific elements do you think are admirable about the site (Design? Content? Layout? Overall impression? Cool technology?)


The question belongs to HTML and it is about creating a website with at least 3 pages, 1 homepage and 2 link pages. The webpages must have well placed keywords or tags and the website should also include 2 Javascript scripts for interaction purpose. The solution has the respective files attached along with the report.

Total Word Count 750


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