Health and fitness education standards in states and national level to be implemented in schools


1.    Refer to your state’s health and physical education standard and national standards. What standards do you consider the most important? Why?  How could the teaching of this standard be integrated into other subjects?
2.    How does the health of American youth dictate the need for physical education in all schools and grades? How has this changed over time?
3.    Congratulations! You have been hired to work as an elementary teacher in the Lincoln Independent School District. As you are in processing, you are informed by your principal that Lincoln, like many school districts, is struggling to manage its budget. She mentions that the school board is meeting to consider a revision to the budget year that will eliminate physical education and health classes in the district.
Write a 500- to 700-word letter to the Lincoln school board that expresses your concerns regarding this decision and that advocates for continuing formal physical education and

health classes in the district. Include the following:

•    The link between physical activity and academic achievement
•    The need for schools to model healthy lifestyles
•    The link between physical education and developing social skills
•    Your state and national physical standards for health and physical education
•    The need for a professionally prepared educator to provide this content
•    Other important aspects, as appropriate


The question belongs to Sociology and it is about health and physical education standards in respective states and at the national level. The preference for respective state standards or national standards for physical education and the way in which such standards can be incorporated in teaching have been discussed in the solution in detail.

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