Harvard Case Study Review: Cumberland Metal Industries: Engineered Products Division, 1980


Case Study Analysis: Cumberland Metal Industries: Engineered Products Division, 1980. Harvard Business School Case Study No. 9-580-104 by Benson P. Shapiro and Jeffery J. Sherman.

Investigate the concept of “value” pricing and compare it to cost-based approaches to price determination. Understand how to approach pricing strategy and price determination.

Answer the following questions about the case study

1. What’s your price for the curled metal pads? Why?
2. How much are the pads worth to a customer? What does the test data indicate?
3. How big is the market? Is it a good opportunity for CMI?
4. Does your price effect how much of the market you will get? How big the market is?
5. Is it more important to make profits or build market share?
6. Who has to say “yes” before you sell a curled metal pad? Would any of these parties like to see curled metal pads fail?
7. How are you going to market these pads? Describe in detail the channel members, influencers, and others, and give us your plan.
8. What are you going to say to Colerick Foundation?


The question belongs to Economics, Micro-economics and it discusses about Harvard Case Study No. 9-580-104 Cumberland Metal Industries: Engineered Products Division, 1980 by Benson P. Shapiro and Jeffery J. Sherman. Questions about this case study have been answered in the solution.

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