Harvard Business School Case Study No. 9-491-155 Becton Dickinson (D)


Case Study Analysis: Harvard Business School No. 9-491-155

Becton Dickinson (D)

The Brief

Assume the role/perspective of Ray Gilmartin, CEO of Becton Dickinson (BD). With the benefit of complete history for BD’s SHRM evolution, Ray Gilmartin now faces a key turning point in 1992. Following the review meeting with Mike Beer and Russ Eisenstat, Gilmartin now faces some key questions.

Please address the following questions:

1. In relation to SHRM’s role and the possible contribution profiling could contribute, what are the most significant issues facing BD at this time? Why are they important?
2. Should SHRM profiling be continued as a policy and practice at BD? Why or why not?
3. If SHRM is to continue, how should it be reconceived and/or redesigned? Why are your recommendations important? What objectives are they intended to achieve?


This Harvard case study belongs to Corporate Strategy and it is about Becton Dickinson and Company which is one of the top pharmaceutical companies. The human resource management of the organization was not producing desired results and hence, the company had to adopt strategic human resource management profiling. The human resource when aligned with the strategic aims of the organization can yield in better results.

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