Handling Employee Termination at The Daily Register


Refer: Bernardin, Human Resource Management: An Experiential Approach, Fourth Edition. Appendix B: Chapter Exercises, Exercise 12.3: Handling an Employee's Termination.


You’ve been working with The Daily Register, a regional newspaper, for the last 12 months in the HR department. Your supervisor, the HR manager, is leaving for vacation tomorrow. With impeccable timing, one of the sales managers, Paul White, has submitted the paperwork for terminating one of his employees. The sales department is responsible for soliciting and securing advertisers for the newspaper. Paul maintains that Jeanette Landis has failed to reach sales goals for the last six months despite numerous attempts at discipline. Furthermore, Jeanette has threatened to file a lawsuit if
The Daily Register terminates her employment. The HR manager delegates the handling of the termination to you. The documents sent by Paul, documents that you’ve received in HR, Jeanette’s job description, and the company’s discipline policy appear in the Exhibits 12.3.1 through 12.3.6.


  1. To confirm that the supervisor's claims are true, who will you contact? What questions will you ask? What precautions should you take to assure that your investigation is confidential and legally defensible?
  2. Review the documentation available related to this case. Is there enough documentation in place based on discipline policy and your experience as an HR manager? Explain.
  3. Assume that the termination is warranted. Managers typically hold termination meetings at The Daily Review but it is not unheard of for the HR department to conduct this meeting. Given the available information, who should conduct the meeting? What steps will you take to prepare the manager and/or yourself for this meeting? Prepare an agenda for the termination meeting.
  4. The Daily Register has some guidelines for severance packages, benefits, and outplacement services, but they are very informal and typically decided upon on a case-by-case basis. In this situation, what would you recommend for Jeanette?



This question belongs to Human Resource Management and discusses procedures and guidelines in handling employee termination at The Daily Register.

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