Government Passing Rules To Enforce On New Buildings


1. Halfren, a county in the state of Halizona, is extremely earthquake-prone. The governor of Halizona set up a committee to study the effects of past earthquakes on Halfren and the possible methods that could be used to minimize future damages and fatalities. The committee found that a new technique of using steel reinforcements in building columns would help reduce overall damages. This finding was debated at the local town hall, where it was accepted by a majority of the residents of Halfren. The state government then passed a law making it mandatory to use the new steel-reinforced columns while constructing new buildings in Halfren. Which of the following functions of the law did the state government of Halizona exhibit in this case?

a. Promoting social justice
b. Maximizing individual freedom
c. Shaping moral standards
d. Facilitating orderly change

2. Ordinances are codified laws that are issued by_________.
a. The President
b. State legislature
c. Supreme Court judges
d. Local government bodies


These multiple choice questions belong to Law. The 1st question discusses about the government passing law to enforce rules for new buildings and the 2nd question discusses about what ordinances are.

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