Find Exploratory Factor Analysis And Reliability Analyses For Given Data


The attached survey was used to collect job-related data from Hong-Kong employees. Using the SPSS data file provided, run an exploratory factor analysis and reliability analyses to answer the questions below. In your FA, use the principal component method with varimax rotation on variables V20 through V38 only. Consider that all the factor analysis and the reliability analysis assumptions are met.

  1. Based on the FA, how many factors would you keep? Explain.
  2. Based on your analysis of the factor loadings reported in the rotated matrix, provide the items you would keep for each of the factors. Explain.
  3. Based on your reliability analyses of each factor, would you eliminate any additional items from these scales? Explain.
  4. Now that you finished your analyses and know what items measure each of the factors, review the survey and try to make theoretical sense of the scales you found. What do you think are the theoretical concepts corresponding to the factors you discovered?  What would you call the variables operationalized with your scales?



The question belongs to Statistics and it discusses about finding exploratory factor analysis and reliability analyses and answering the questions.

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