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Motives Behind Corporate Restructuring and Evaluation of The Methods By Which Mergers and Takeovers Take Place

Question Discuss the motives behind corporate restructuring and evaluate the methods by which mergers and takeovers may take place. Summary The question in finance is about the motives behind corporate restructuring and methods by which most mergers and takeovers take place. Corporate restructuri ... Read More

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Case Study Pension Fund

Question AONE pension fund has assets of £20m.  Contributions from Lower Valley Estates and the Members of the fund are currently running at approximately £1m pa received at the end of the year whilst dividend and interest income from investments in the current year is estimated to ... Read More

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Preparing A Cash Flow Statement

Question Superior Manufacturing is thinking of launching a new product.  The company expects to sell $950,000 of the new product in the first year and $1,500,000 each year thereafter.  Direct costs including labor and materials will be 55% of sales.  Indirect incremental costs are es ... Read More

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Corporate Acquisitions And Subsequent Losses For The Acquiring Company

Question Many corporate acquisitions result in losses to the acquiring firms' stockholders. Accordingly, why do firms purchase other corporations? Are they simply paying too much for the acquired corporation? A co-worker asks your opinion. Specifically state the reasons for your argument. Summary ... Read More

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Cost Volume Profit Analysis Question

Question Cost-Volume-Profit Models Part I Bennis Shafts produces three types of golf club shafts which it sells to golf club manufacturers.  Prepare ONE worksheet to answer the following questions and to determine the outcomes of the different scenarios below. The computation section of you ... Read More

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Finance Question NPV, Payback Period, Profitability Index, IRR Calculations

Question MCL Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment. MCL produces milking machines and supplies as well as being the sole Australian distributor of machinery from the US- based company FarmGo Ltd.  The CEO of MCL has been negotiating for some time with a German compan ... Read More

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Financial Investment Advise Eden Consultancy Ltd

Question You have recently been hired as a part time trainee analyst by Eden Consultancy Limited (ECL). Sonia Fisher, the owner of the firm and your immediate supervisor has been approached by a client, Aroha Toi for financial advice. Aroha has recently received $10,000 from her grandmother’s ... Read More

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Finance Case Study Wizardworks - Excel

Question Case Study– WizardWorks Andrew Howe owns and operates WizardWorks, an online seller of fireworks based in Peterborough, Ontario.  Andrew wants you to help him use Excel to develop an order form for his business.  The form needs to contain formulas to calculate the charge f ... Read More

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Finance Capital Structure Question

Question: Individual Project Deliverable Length: 4 slides each with 300 words of speaker notes Details: Your next meeting is with Toto Matsui, the head of treasury, to discuss the international impact to the firm’s capital structure. He wants you to analyze the implications to the firm&rs ... Read More

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Finance Case Study Blowout Sports

Question Case Study – Blowout Sports Steve Eagan is the owner and operator of Blowout Sports, a sports information and scouting company located in Toronto, Ontario.  One of Steve’s jobs is to provide detailed graphical reports and analysis of college basketball games for the media ... Read More

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Financial Management Case Study Bailout Bonus

Question 1.    Read “Bernanke fiddles while Obama burns” You will find the piece at CNN Money site         Note: If you cannot the item with the provided link you can ... Read More

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Multiple Choice Questions in Finance

Questions Question 1 Which of the following statements is CORRECT   a.    You hold two bonds, a 10-year, zero coupon, issue and a 10-year bond that pays a 6% annual coupon.  The same market rate, 6%, applies to both bonds.  If the market rate rises from its current le ... Read More

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