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Maximize Shareholders’ Wealth Through Hedging Exchange Rate Movements

QuestionSome theorists posit hedging exchange rate movements is irrelevant while others claim it is necessary to maximize shareholder wealth. Discuss arguments in support of irrelevance and arguments for relevance. If you were the Assistant Treasurer for foreign exchange management, in a large MNC, ... Read More

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Research Proposal for Running a Multinational Corporate Integrated Project

QuestionWrite Research Proposal: Running Your Own Multinational Corporation Integrated ProjectSummaryThe question belongs to Finance and it discusses a research proposal on running one’s own multinational corporation. The question discusses this from the views on running a multinational corpor ... Read More

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Scenario Analysis: Financial Advisor Misleading His Clients and Remedies From Such Acts

QuestionBarry is an investment advisor. He services around 50 clients with around Sl-2 million to invest. Barry mainly advises his clients to buy shares. This is because most of his clients already have a house worth an additional $1million and plenty of cash. Barry therefore feels that the rest of ... Read More

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The Need and the Basis for Financial Planning Law or Future of Financial Advice Law

QuestionHow does our understanding of the theory base of Financial Planning Law assist in the effective drafting of laws to protect investors from this kind of behavior? Is this instead an ethical problem that protection cannot stop? How do we ensure unethical people do not have an incentive to enga ... Read More

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Calculation and Review of Ratio Analysis

QuestionComplete a ratio analysis on the attached financial statements for each year provided. Compute the following ratios: operating return on equity, financial leverage multiplier, return on capital employed, asset turnover, net profit margin, current ratio, and gearing ratio. (Show working ... Read More

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Calculation of Taxable Income, Current Income Tax Expense, Deferred Income Tax

QuestionSnarley Corp. had the following balances in selected accounts as of January 1, 2013:Accrued Warranty Liability            1,500 creditAccumulated Depreciation        225,000 creditDeferred Tax Asset – AWL & ... Read More

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Periodic Review Policies Requiring to Maintain Inventory Level

QuestionBased on the Music Today case, do periodic review policies require more safety inventory, less safety stock, or the same safety stock than continuous review policies for the same level of product availability and the same amount of inventory replenishment lead time? Please state and justify ... Read More

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Evaluation of Financial Position of Severn Trent Plc

QuestionUsing copies of the Annual Financial Reports & Accounts for Severn Trent (they are available online at Yahoo finance, MSN finance or the company’s website), evaluate: a.    Whether the company in a position to issue debt securities or should it consider issuing equi ... Read More

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Preparation of Price of Bullet Bond for Severn Trent PLC

QuestionYou have won the mandate and Severn Trent PLC has asked you price a 5 year GBP par bullet bond issue for them, with Price, Coupon, Yield to Maturity and Modified Duration. You have the following set of UK Treasury bond data (March 2013) and consultations with your Bank’s Equity Analyst ... Read More

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Contribution of Positive Energy Towards The Development of Interpersonal Relationships

QuestionAchieving Interpersonal Relations and Emotional Balance Describe how positive energy contributes to improved interpersonal relationships. What major barriers can get in the way of positive energy and reinforcement. SummaryThe question belongs to Human Resource Management and it is about achi ... Read More

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Various Factors Affecting Exchange Rate of a Country

QuestionIn 500–750 words discuss the impact of at least two different macroeconomic factors can impact a currency’s exchange rate. How can the actions of a country’s government directly and indirectly impact the exchange rate?Problem Sets1.    The Bank of the Midland ... Read More

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Difference Between Foreign Currency ‘Forward Contracts’ and ‘Futures Contracts’

QuestionExplain the differences between foreign currency ‘forward contracts’ and foreign currency ‘futures contracts’. Why would an MNC choose one type of an instrument over the other?SummaryThe question belongs to Finance and the question explains the differences between for ... Read More

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