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Valuation and Market Estimation of Alibaba Prospects

Question This question concerns Alibaba the internet e-commerce firm that recently went public. It is an open ended question that requires you to utilize the valuation techniques you have learnt in the course and also to do independent research. Research Alibaba’s business model, particula ... Read More

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Portfolio of the Company Dangote Cement PLC

Question Dangote Cement Plc is a Nigeria based producer of cement. Its head office e is based in Lagos Nigeria.  The Company is engaged in the preparation, manufacture, control, research, sale and distribution of cement and related products. The production activities of the Company are underta ... Read More

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Cash Flow Statements of Fenwicke Company

Question Fenwicke Company organized and began operating a subsidiary in a foreign country on January 1, 2015, by investing LCU 68,000. This subsidiary immediately borrowed LCU 170,000 on a five-year note with 6 percent interest payable annually beginning on January 1, 2016. The subsidiary t ... Read More

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Project Analysis and Operating Leverage for a New Product Launching Project

Question Project Analysis and Operating Leverage For a new product launching project, you find that the project will cost $600,000, have a five-year life with no salvage value, depreciation is straight line to zero. Sales are projected at 250 units per year and the selling price per unit will be ... Read More

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Latin American Minerals Leasing Mining Equipment from Central Park Leasing

Question Latin American Minerals (LAM) is trying to decide whether to lease or buy new equipment for its mining operations. The equipment costs $5,000,000 and qualifies for a 25 percent CCA rate. The equipment will have a $600,000 salvage value in 5 years. LAM’s tax rate is 40 percent, and th ... Read More

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Acquisition of TGT Inc by ACQ Corp

Question ACQ Corp. is analyzing the possible acquisition of TGT Inc. ACQ estimates the acquisition will increase its total after-tax annual cash flows by $7.6 million indefinitely. The appropriate discount rate for the incremental cash flows is 10 percent. The financial analyst of ACQ has collected ... Read More

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Financial Statement Analysis of Hollywood Fashions, California Financial Group

Question Financial Statement Analysis The following parts of the question are not related. (a) Hollywood Fashions has sales of $11,500, total assets of $6,000, and a debt-equity ratio of 1.2. If its return on equity is 20 percent, what must be its net income? (b) California Financial Group has ... Read More

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Variance of Returns of Securities A, B and C

Question Risk and return A. Assume that security returns are generated by the single-index model, Ri = αi + βiRM + εi, where Ri is the excess return for security i and RM is the market’s excess return. The risk-free rate is 2%. Suppose also there are 3 securities A, B and ... Read More

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Equity Finance of The Disney Playhouse and Treehouse Company

Question Capital Structure a. Suppose there are no personal or corporate taxes and no transactions costs. The Playhouse Disney Company is entirely equity-financed, and has an annual EBIT of $900,000 (in perpetuity) and an equity capitalization rate of 10%. Another company, Treehouse, has $4,000,0 ... Read More

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Foreign Currency Obligation and Hedging Exchange Rate Risk

Question In mid-September your firm had a foreign currency obligation to pay £5 million in mid-September 2016. You were asked to assist in hedging the exchange rate risk.  At the time you gathered the following information: Spot exchange rate in mid-September (S0): $1.5705/₤. 3 ... Read More

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Flexed and Actual Budget of Orchid Ltd

Question Orchid Ltd. is a small furniture manufacturer. It was established as a family-owned business 30 years ago and prides itself on high-quality products. Most of its products are made to order as a result of direct orders from Internet based sales. Typically the company has been profitable, op ... Read More

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Role of Financial Managers in the GCC Corporations

Question "The world faces a series of tough challenges in 2015, including the looming proposed of higher borrowing costs, low prices for oil and other key commodities, and the deterioration of Chinese economy. Explain the new role of financial managers in the GCC corporations under this new era of ... Read More

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