Finance Research Project ConocoPhillips

Finance Questions

  1. Write a one paragraph summary about ConocoPhillips.
  2. Calculate the beta of the company.
  3. Report the average and standard deviation of monthly return for your corporation and the S&P 500 in a spreadsheet.
  4. For stock splits compare the actual and theoretical price adjustment.
  5. For each cash dividend in the sample period locate each ex-dividend date.
  6. Calculate the market value of your corporation at the end of the sample period.
  7. Calculate the “weights” for the long-term financing sources: Total Stockholder Equity, Long Term Debt, and Preferred Stock.
  8. Use the graphics capabilities of the spreadsheet to create two pie charts to illustrate the results of the above question.
  9. Create the scatter graph of the monthly return on your corporation (on the vertical axis) versus the monthly return on the S&P 500 (on the horizontal axis).
  10. What percentage of shares outstanding of your stock are traded in a five-day period?  
  11. Pick another corporation (any corporation from the Yahoo! website data with one letter in its ticker symbol that is the same as one letter in the ticker symbol of your corporation).  Create the same return column for the same 60 months for this corporation as you did for question (2) for your corporation.


The assignment in finance is a research project of a company named ConocoPhillips. ConocoPhillips is one of the largest energy companies in the US, which started in the year 1875. Its financial status for 5 years starting from 2006 to 2011 have been calculated. The solution can be found in the Excel sheet.

Total word count is 657


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