Finance Case Study Blowout Sports


Case Study – Blowout Sports

Steve Eagan is the owner and operator of Blowout Sports, a sports information and scouting company located in Toronto, Ontario.  One of Steve’s jobs is to provide detailed graphical reports and analysis of college basketball games for the media, coaches, and interested fans.  Steve has been placing box score data into a Word document.  He wants to summarize this data in one Excel spreadsheet using charts and graphs.  He’s asked you to help develop the workbook.
Complete the following tasks.
1.    Using the same workbook as the last case, rename Sheet 3 as “Box Scores”.  Design the worksheet however you wish so long as it is different from the example shown (ie. change colors, borders, layout etc.) but it must contain the following information (see picture below):
-    You need to add in your own player names for each team and you may enter your own numbers instead of using the ones shown below.  Be sure to use appropriate formulas/functions for the Total rows.    
-    You will need to enter your own values for the “Team Statistics” section, although your Total Game Points should be the same as the total values shown for the PTS column in each of the team tables where the player information is shown…ie. they will be 81 & 66 if you are using the same numbers as shown below).  Be sure to use a cell reference instead of actually typing in the values for the Total Game Points.    
2.    Add a new worksheet with the name “Charts”.  Using the data you entered in the “Box Scores” worksheet (the information shown above), create 2 column charts describing the points scored by each player on the two teams (ie. one column chart for each team) and embed these charts in the “Charts” worksheet you just created.   
3.    The “Box Score” worksheet also contains team statistic information.  Use this data to create a pie chart comparing the two teams (you may include any combination of information you wish from the Team Statistics section) and embed this chart in the “Charts” worksheet with the other 2 column charts you created.    
4.    Give appropriate chart titles for all 3 charts and axes titles for column charts, and data labels for the pie slices.    
5.    Move the legend for one of the column charts to the bottom.    
6.    Change the font of one of the chart titles to 14 pt. Arial.        
7.    Change the color of the pie slices to blue, red, and yellow (if you have only 2 slices, then pick two of the 3 colors listed and if you have more than 3 slices, then use the 3 colors and then choose various shades of the 3 colors to make up the rest of the pie slices).    
8.    Rotate the vertical axis title of one of the column charts 90%.    
9.    Format the worksheet as necessary so that all data displays appropriately (ie. adjust column widths, etc.) and use various forms of formatting to enhance the appearance of the worksheet (ie. bold, italics, etc.)   


The case study is about a sports information and scouting company, Blowout Sports. This company supplies sports information, reports, graphs and analysis about college basketball games to media, coaches and fans. Until now, Steve Eagan, the owner and operator of the company used to store information in a word document and process it manually. The job now is to create an excel sheet where one can enter data such as the scores and get graphical reports about the performance and which would make the analysis easier. The solution to this case has been made in MS Excel sheet.

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