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Our Finance Solution Library Page contains so numerous questions, essay, problems and case studies that help in developing an in-depth knowledge on the subject.

Put it simply, finance deals with application of financial, economic and accounting principles which help in maximizing wealth and overall value of an organization. In fact, maximizing the wealth is regarded as one of the primary objectives of an organization. The value of a firm can be measured by the market price of shares of the company. Many a times, the higher the share value, the better the company’s performance, financially.

Capital Structure: In order that a company performs better financially, it must have a good capital structure. Capital structure is the way in which a corporation buys its assets by combining equity share capital and debt. While equity share capital belongs to shareholders, debt is provided by a third party. Our solution library has various questions, problems and case studies on capital structure, which make it easier for you to understand the concept thoroughly, both theoretically and practically.

Working Capital Management: Working capital management is a short term financial activity which is used for running the day to day activities of the firm. It is the difference between current assets and current liabilities. There are several problems and scenario analysis questions on working capital in our solution library dealing with working capital management.

Time value of money: Time value of money plays a crucial role in finance. Time value of money gives rise to various concepts such as present value (PV), future value (FV), net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), profitability index (PI), etc. Each of these concepts help in calculating the earning capacity or potential for money invested. In other words, one make a benchmark for earning capacity or rate of return for an investment by using the time value of money. Several problems, short answer questions, essays, cases and scenarios have been covered under time value of money in our Finance Solution Library page.

Financial Statement Analysis: Financial statements of a firm include income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Each of these statements provide accounting and financial information which is used to arrive at the financial position of the firm with the help of certain tools and benchmarking techniques. Ratio analysis is one such practice used to know the financial position of a firm. Our solution library has several essays, problems, scenarios and cases on financial statement analysis which offer a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

Derivatives: Derivatives are financial instruments which are calculated by an underlying asset. These can be stock and commodities, government bonds, etc. The questions and problems covering derivatives in our solution library range from Options and Futures, Forwards, Swaps, Currency options and Futures, Hedging Strategies, etc.

Mergers and Acquisitions: Mergers and acquisitions play a major role not just in corporate strategy but also financially. Merger is merging two or more companies into one and acquisition is one company acquiring one or more companies and making them its own. Various questions and problems under merger and acquisitions can be found in our finance solution library.

Problems and case studies in finance: Our Finance Solution Library contains several problems and case studies which deal with topics mentioned above and more.


Mandatory Subject of Bargaining

Question Unit – 8 1. Topic 15: Collective Bargaining:  Case Study 6-2 "Classification of a Bargaining Subject" page 285  Holley & Jennings - Chapter 6 What is a mandatory subject of bargaining?   Summary:  This question belongs to Finance and discusses the ma ... Read More

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Preferable Method of Borrowing Funds on a Fixed Rate for Kohl's Corporation

Question Kohl 's Corporation would like to borrow USD funds on a fixed-rate basis for five years. They can issue a note with a fixed coupon of 3.40% (semi-annual coupon) or a floating rate note with a coupon of three-month Libor + 1.35% (quarterly coupon). Both notes would be issued at par. Five-ye ... Read More

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Additional Funding for One-Year to Finance Inventory for Kohl's Corporation

Question Assume that Kohl's needs additional funding for one-year to finance inventory. The Corporation can borrow from a consortium of Bank's at a fixed rate of 3.0% with the interest discounted or pay supplier bills late on day 90 when terms indicate 1/10/net 60. First, estimate the effective cos ... Read More

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Theoretical Future Prices for the Six-Month Mini Nasadaq 100 Futures

Question A fund manager has a portfolio of assets that is worth $60 million with a beta of 0.75 with respect to the Nasdaq index. Assume that the alpha and expense ratio of the portfolio are both zero. The manager is concerned about the performance of the Nasdaq market over the next three ... Read More

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Put Options to be Purchased to Avoid the Fall of Portfolio Value

Question  Suppose a portfolio has assets that are worth $60 million, and the S&P 500 index is at 1200. Assume that the beta of the portfolio is 2.0, and there is no alpha. The expense ratio of the portfolio is 3% per year. The dividend yield of the index is also 3% per year. The risk- ... Read More

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Spread Strategies for Profit function That Resembles Profit of Stock Collar Strategy

Question Suppose you have a great decade—or a really great year—in the stock market. But, your fortunes are largely tied to a single stock, most likely the shares of the company you work for. Knowing about the risk of putting all your eggs in one basket, you want to hedge your ... Read More

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European Put Options on

Question Two European put options on (SPB) are traded in the market. The one with strike price $20 is traded for $1, and the other one with strike price $25 is traded for $3. Both options expire on the third Friday of May. You are thinking about buying or writing a Euro ... Read More

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Analysis of Barnacle Cleaners Case Study Using M/M/s Queuing Model

Refer: “Barnacle Cleaners” case study Question 1. Using terms that James will understand, explain why his analysis (indicating that 3 servers were needed on weekday daytimes) is not valid. 2. Using terms that James will understand, explain the meaning of an M/M/s queueing model and wh ... Read More

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Calculation of Scholarship Eligible Students from the USA Born Group

Question Assume that Broward College has announced that it will give a scholarship to students born in the USA who has a GPA between 3.90 and 4.00; calculate the percentage of students who will be eligible for a scholarship from the USA born group. The mean GPA is 3.22, the standard deviation is .9 ... Read More

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Calculation of GPA Using Mean GPA and Standard Deviation

Question Assume that Broward College has announced that it will give scholarships to students who have GPA's that falls within the top 2% of all GPA's. Caculate the GPA a student will need to earn a scholarship from the USA born group. The mean GPA is 3.22, the standard deviation is .92 and n=231 ... Read More

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Calculation of Price of Burger Based on Power Parity

Question The Mexican Peso to USD exchange rate is 20.5 pesos per USD, and the yen to USD exchange rate is 112 yen per USD. a. How many pesos can you buy with one dollar? b. What is the pesos per yen exchange rate? c. The price of a Big-Mac is ¥390 in Japan and $5.04 in the US. If purchasing ... Read More

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Calculate the Outstanding Loans for College

Question You have graduated from college but unfortunately have $32,000 in outstanding loans. The loans require annual payments of $3,245 which covers interest and principal repayment. If the interest rate is 4 percent, how long will it take you to repay the debt? If the powers that be raise the ra ... Read More

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