External Environmental Analysis for Different Companies and Industries


You are the Vice President of Marketing for a consumer products company. Your team must pick a specific consumer products company. The President would like you and your team to conduct an external environmental analysis of a current category you are participating in. The objective of this analysis is to determine the potential positive or negative implications these “uncontrollable” factors might have on your existing marketing plan.
Your team must decide the category to evaluate, and confirm this with the President prior to the analysis.

Some examples of companies and related categories would be:
Kellogg’s - cereal category    P&G    - detergent category
Lever    -     beauty category    RIM    - tablet category
Apple    -     laptop category


The objective is to develop an external environmental analysis for the six external environmental variables Legal, Political, Economic, Competitive, Technological, and Social/Demographic) for the company and category you have chosen.


Write a report outlining your external environmental analysis (maximum two pages).
Your report to the President must include the following:
•    Impact: Explain for each variable two (either positive or negative) implications that the environmental variable could have on sales volume.
•    Action Plan: For each of these implications, explain your recommendation as to what your team plans to do to enhance sales volume.


The question belongs to Marketing and it is about preparing an external environmental analysis with variable such as legal, political, economic, competitive, technological and social/ demographic for the company and category chosen. The analysis includes impact and action plan for each of the variable, whether positive or negative and the implications.

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