Explain Instructional Health Strategies for Children Between K-8


Topic 1: Select a specific health standard from your state (Georgia). What instructional strategies would you use to get students to master this standard? What types of authentic assessment would you use to show evidence of student learning? How would you accommodate diverse learners? 200 words
Topic 2: Your district has adopted a new curriculum called Healthy Living to provide health instruction for elementary students. This integrated, K-8 program addresses all major areas of health content, including mental health, nutrition, sex education, safety, disease prevention, and so forth. The content focuses on establishing lifelong nutritional and dietary health. You support the curricula in principle, including activities that determine body mass index, take height and weight measurements, and so forth.
 Create a 350 to 700 word letter you will send to students’ parents that includes the following:

1. A general introduction of the curricula planned for nutritional and dietary health instruction for the coming year and how it relates to the development of K-8 student growth and development to a healthy lifestyle, self-concept, and wellness.
2. Instructional strategies used in the curricula and accommodations for diverse learners.
3. The plan to weigh and calculate student body mass index each quarter, comparing weight with nationally recognized tables, explaining to parents how you plan to safeguard students’ privacy and specific details.
4. Your hope that parents will support you in this instruction.
5. Your invitation to parents to adopt the Healthy Families Diet and Nutrition Program that provides suggested menus, shopping tips, and other useful ideas in support of healthy diet and lifelong nutrition.


The question belongs to sociology and it is about new implementations in primary and secondary education between K-8. These new implementations include nutritional and dietary health instructions, instructional strategies in curricula to accommodate diverse learners, etc. These and more have been discussed in the solution in detail.

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