Evolution of Supply Chain Management and the various strategies used by organizations


1.    Explain the evolution of supply chain management and its growing contribution to business objectives
a.    Describe and analyze the stages in the evolution of supply chain management
b.    Evaluate supply chain strategies and assess the contribution they make to the achievement of key business objectives
2.    Explore strategies used by organizations to develop and maintain effective supplier relationships
a.    Determine suitable strategies with regard to the development of relationships with suppliers, using appropriate web-based technologies
b.    Evaluate the effectiveness of strategies used by an organization
c.    Devise effective systems for relationship maintenance  

3.    Investigate how web-based applications contribute to the full integration of the supply chain.
a.    Evaluate how web-based technologies may assist integration of different parts of the supply chain/network
b.    Demonstrate how web-based technologies have contributed to the effective management of the supply chain in an organization and evaluate its effectiveness in this.  
4.    Investigate the effectiveness of systems, policies and processes for web-based transactions
a.    Evaluate the policies, strategies and systems used by an organization for web-based transactions  


The question belongs to Operations Management, particularly dealing with supply chain management. The question here is about the evolution of supply chain management and the strategies that organizations develop and maintain for effective supply chain and to investigate how web-based applications are contributing today in effective supply chain management.

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