Essay On Preventive Measures To Prevent Pressure Ulcer Development


Identify an area of nursing practice of interest that requires further exploration, and write an evidence-based practice essay.

  • Provide a background of the nursing issue/s
  • Source available research studies and literature to address the nursing care/interventions
    related to the identified nursing practice. NB: High level evidence (empirical) is required for the EBP essay.
  • Detail the search terms, sources of evidence (e.g. which databases were accessed, texts used or hard copies of articles), and criteria of selection of each article
  • Explain the levels of evidence as they apply to the articles selected
  • Critically analyse the practice recommendations that emerge from the research articles you have utilised (in regards to evidence based nursing practice (EBP)) and discuss these recommendations
  • Determine the applicability of these recommendations based on the level of evidence, and the relevance to nursing practice in New Zealand health care settings
  • Based on the findings of your evidence search, suggest further areas of study



The question belongs to Nursing and it discusses about writing an essay based on evidence about preventive measures for pressure ulcers development in post-operative hip surgery patients.

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