Essay on New Trends in Databases Management in the Recent Past


Essay on New Trends in Databases Management in the Recent Past.

The Portfolio consists of three parts: Integrative Essay, Portfolio Exhibits, and Competency Matrix.
A.  Integrative Essay: Write an integrative essay that shows how knowledge from one domain relates to knowledge in other domains and to the thesis statement.
    1.  Describe a major IT trend that is impacting business or other organizations in society.
    2.  Explain how each of your portfolio exhibits relates to this trend.
    3.  Discuss the possible positive and negative effects arising from this trend.
B.  Portfolio Exhibits: Provide four exhibits for your portfolio, included as appendices to the Integrative Essay. Choose exhibits that will support the thesis statement of your Integrative Essay. Each of your exhibits should:
   1.  Demonstrate how you can make practical use of the knowledge gained through your program.
C.  Competency Matrix: Fill in the attached Competency Matrix to demonstrate which competency is addressed by each of your exhibits. Your exhibits should demonstrate competence in:
   1.  At least ten different competencies from three different domains.

The question belongs to Computer Science and it is about writing an essay about the major IT trend today. One of the major IT trends today is Database Portfolio. With the challenges that were being faced with the hierarchical model and the network data model, today’s relational database management system evolved. New trends in the technology such as distributed databases, object oriented and hybrid models, multidimensional databases, etc are being developed today.

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