Essay on Life History of Famous Indigenous Person: O”Donoghue Lowitja


You will be allocated a famous Indigenous person. The person is O”Donoghue Lowitja
You are to:

In essay format give an overview of an indigenous person's life and background, and then discuss the impact of this person on both indigenous and non-indigenous society from a social and health perspective. Include appropriate and current indigenous health statistics that are relevant and integrated into your essay to your discussion supported by literature.

Essay guide:
1. Overview of chosen person’s life and background: A succinct and very sound explanation and understanding of your chosen persons’ life and background.
2. Impact: Discuss both the social and health impact on BOTH Indigenous and Non Indigenous society.
3. Appropriate Indigenous health statistics: You can include, but do not limit to just a table of appropriate, current and relevant Indigenous health statistics, (relate it to the persons history or work) also include these statistics in sentence structure format supported by literature.


The question belongs to Sociology and it is an essay about a famous indigenous person named O”Donoghue Lowitja. The life history of O”Donoghue Lowitja has been written in the essay. She was one of the few indigenous/ Aboriginal women to have gained an admission in a nursing school and has been known for her active role in protesting in favor of aboriginal rights. The most important events in her life have been covered in the solution.

Total Word Count 1639


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