Essay on Creating Differential Advantage and Managing Uncertainty in the Design and Development process


Your assignment serves as an exercise in both the integration of what you have learned in this course and your reflection on its meaning, value, and potential for application in your personal and professional lives. You will need (at a minimum) the following items to complete it:

•    “Creating Differential Advantage” (Gott)
•    “Managing Uncertainty in the Design and Development Process”
•    Readings on Management Initiative

Compose an original essay that accomplishes the following four things:
1.    Provides original commentary on the benefits and challenges of applying Adaption-Innovation (A-I) theory in the context of science, engineering, and/or management. In other words, how is the theory useful now, how might it be useful in the future, and what limits its use?  
2.    Provides a brief synopsis of how Gott and Lopez-Mesa, et al., separately and respectively, have found A-I theory to be useful in their professional domains, as well as your thoughts on their work and their insights.
3.    Describes the key insights you have gained about the following things through completing this course:
a. Yourself (as a problem solving and creative individual) ?
b. Problem solving and creativity in organizations ? integrate what you learned from Kirton’s Management Initiative study here.

The general length expectation for this assignment is 4-5 pages, double-spaced. The extent to which you integrate these components into a cohesive, well-reasoned, and persuasive example of advanced thinking will be a major factor in my evaluation of your work.


The question belongs to Management and it is about writing an essay on Creating Differential Advantage and Managing Uncertainty in the Design and Development process. The essay is about the organizational environment and the people working there adapting to the environment. For example, in a stable organization, people tend to be Adaptors, while in a turbulent organization, people tend to be Innovators, according to Kirton.

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