Essay on Comparison Between Traits of Self and Others


The United States has been called a melting pot of cultures. Think about and then describe your traits and abilities in comparison to those of others. Comparing your traits to those of someone who is better than you is defined as upward social comparison. Comparing your traits to someone who is worse than you is defined as downward social comparison.

Think about the individuals living in your city or town. Write a summary about the following traits in them and then compare them to your traits. Think about your response to individuals who are different from you. The summary should include the following:
•    Style of dress
•    Hair style
•    Food eaten
•    Dating rituals
•    Family relationships, if known
•    Your feelings or behaviors toward those who seem different from you


The question belongs to Sociology and it is about comparison between traits of self and others. Various things to compare such as style of dress, hairstyle, food that is taken, family relationships and the feelings and behavior towards others have also been given an account of in the solution.

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