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Calculating Saving Rate of a Country using Harrod Domar Equation Macroeconomics Microeconomics

Compare And Contrast Two Countries About Their Economy And Monetary Policy

Question Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you: 1. Choose one (1) of the two (2) countries that you have researched, and give your opinion on the degree to which the chosen country manages its economy and monetary policy well. Provide support for your opinion. 2. Compare and contrast ... Read More

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Write A Paper Comparing Vocational Training Between Developed And Developing Countries

Question Write a paper comparing Vocational Training between Developed and Developing countries. Focusing on the impact of vocational training and the differences in programs and outcomes in developed and developing countries. How does it impact labor supply and employment? Does it substantially ch ... Read More

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Write An Essay On Monopoly

Question Write an essay about monopoly.   Summary The question belongs to ­­­­­Economics and it discusses about writing an essay on monopoly. Total Word Count 644 ... Read More

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Discuss About The Differences And Similarities Between Foundations Of Capitalism And Planks Of Communist Manifesto

Question Review the four Foundations of Capitalism (i.e., ideas foundational to a market economy) which are in the text book.  Then review the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto (i.e., ideas foundational to a command economy) which are near the end of ‘Chapter II Proletarians and Commu ... Read More

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Discuss Factors Affecting Index in Economic Freedom Index Of 2014

Question The 2014 Index of Economic Freedom tracks the level of economic freedom in 186 countries.  Economic freedom means that individuals are free to work, produce, consume, and invest in any way they please.  In countries with economically free societies, governments allow labor, capit ... Read More

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How To Incorporate Various Effects Into A Study

Question A study attempts to investigate the role of the various determinants of regional Canadian unemployment rates in order to get a better picture of Canadian aggregate unemployment rate behavior. The annual data (1967-1991) is for five regions (Atlantic region, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies, and B ... Read More

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Gasoline Price Elasticity Of Demand In France

Question 1)  Since the 1973-1974 Arab oil embargo, the price of gasoline and diesel fuel in France has almost tripled to the equivalent of $3.17/gallon. Gasoline and diesel fuel consumption were (each) up by 21% over 1973. As gasoline prices were rising, so were hourly wages at about 15% a yea ... Read More

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Views On Increase In Bus Transport Fare

Question Numerous estimates have shown bus transportation to be an inferior good, with an income elasticity of about -0.2. Some years ago, real income dropped about 4% over the year. At this time, the transit authority in a large metropolitan area reduced bus fares by 3% to increase ridership. The ... Read More

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Technological Changes That Enable Successful Use Of Economies Of Scope

QuestionWhat technological changes enable successful use of economies of scope and what are the strategic implications for firms? Give some examples of exploited economies of scope. Summary When the company can produce goods at lower cost per unit by producing at least two products and achieving ... Read More

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Inflation Becoming Deflation In Eurozone And Tools To Control It

QuestionThe Eurozone is currently concerned that it’s below target inflation may become deflation. Why are they concerned? What macro-economic tools are available to avoid deflation but what are the possible side effects of these? SummaryThe question belongs to Economics and it discusses abo ... Read More

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Key Macroeconomic Variables And How UK Government Is Trying To Control Them

QuestionDescribe the four key macroeconomic variables. How is the UK government trying to influence these currently and what are the government’s objectives?SummaryMacroeconomics is the study economics at aggregate level. There are different factors that impact the macroeconomic conditions. Th ... Read More

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Report On Economic Performance Of USA

QuestionConduct research on the economic performance of one country over the last ten years, from 2004 to 2013, applying the macroeconomic indicators of real GDP, real GDP growth rate, real GDP per capita, unemployment rate and inflation rate to argue whether you think the performance to be strong o ... Read More

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