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Calculating Saving Rate of a Country using Harrod Domar Equation Macroeconomics Microeconomics

Economics Question Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment

Question Analyze a developing and a developed country as a possible site for a ‘greenfield’ foreign direct investment.  You selection of countries should be limited to the following choices:‘Developed’: Brazil Assume that you are responsible for a large Australian man ... Read More

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Economics Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs of the 21st century

Question Popular sectors for Entrepreneurs in the 21st century What we would do: We will study the most favoured sectors by entrepreneurs based on primary and secondary research and also direct interaction with VCs. Motivation:Helps understand where the deal flow for VCs is expected to be an ... Read More

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Capital Structure decisions in perfect capital markets

Question: In a perfect capital market, what advice would you give a corporate financial manager on making capital structure decisions? Justify your advice. How and why would your advice change as real world capital market imperfections are introduced?  Essay format. Word limit 750 words. Su ... Read More

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Citizen Gas Company case study

Question: Please refer to Citizen Gas Company PDF for case study and questions. Read the case and prepare a 4 full page response to the following (The paper shall include a table of contents, 4 full pages of content minimum, and a references page - don't forget page numbers and APA style): 1. D ... Read More

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European Monetary Union (EMU) in Crisis

Question: Conduct an analysis on the following topic and prepare an Executive Summary-style report with supporting exhibits (Insightful Graphs, tables etc. from quality expert analyst references used to write the report). "Does the economic bailout of Spain and Greece spell the beginning of the en ... Read More

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Agriculture and economic development in Ontario and Quebec until 1870

Question: Read the article, John McCallum “Agriculture and economic development in Ontario and Quebec until 1870”, Gordon Laxer, ed. Perspectives on Canadian Economic Development: Class, Staples, Gender and Elites (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1991). a. Which colour/region on the ... Read More

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Development Game “Settlers of Catan”

Question: Read the rules of the game, the overview and the almanac for the Development Game “Settlers of Catan”. 1.Discuss what “economic development” means in the context of this game? (Hint: How do you win, and what do you have at the end of the game that you did not have ... Read More

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Effect of recession on the investment curve

Question: The financial crisis that hit the United States first and then the world economy starting in fall 2007 meant that the future prospects of many firms looked gloomy at best for some time. Comment on the effect of a recession on the investment curve (only) and on the level of savings, invest ... Read More

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Affect of falling domestic investment on trade surplus and net capital outflows

Question: How will a fall in domestic investment affect the trade surplus and net capital outflows in the domestic economy, the trade deficit and capital inflows in the rest of the world, investment in both economies, and the world real interest rate? Summary: Domestic investment can affect the ... Read More

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Crises in the banking sector and bank run

Question: Some developing countries have suffered banking crises in which depositors lost part or all of their deposits (in some countries there is no deposit insurance). This type of crisis decreases depositors’ confidence in the banking system. What would be the effect of a rumor about a ba ... Read More

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Firms operating under Cournot competition or Cournot market

Question: Suppose three identical firms are engaged in Cournot competition in quantities. They all have marginal costs equal to 40. Market demand is given by: P(X) = 200 – X = 200 – (x1 + x2 + x3), where P denotes price, X total quantity demanded, and xi individual demand for firms i ... Read More

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Merger and acquisition of firms operating under Cournot competition

Question: Suppose firm 1 and firm 2 merge. Call the new firm A. It has output xA and profit πA. Suppose there is Cournot competition after the merger. For now, we assume that the marginal cost of Firm A, the merged firm, still is 40  e) Compute quantities for both the merged firm and firm ... Read More

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