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Calculating Saving Rate of a Country using Harrod Domar Equation Macroeconomics Microeconomics

Sole Proprietorships Making Most Profit And Price Discrimination

Question1. Sole proprietorships make the most profit of all the forms of business.A) TrueB) False2. Price discrimination:A) is the practice of charging different consumer groups different prices for the same product.B) is the practice of charging potential competitors more for the product than consu ... Read More

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Present The Balance Of Payments Data for India Between 2003 - 2011

QuestionPresent the Balance of Payments export and import data for India from year 2003-2011.Summary The question belongs to Economics and it is about presenting the import and export data for Balance of Payments of India between the years 2003 and 2011.Total Word Count 67 ... Read More

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Report On Economic Evaluation Of Saudi Arabia

QuestionWrite a Report on the economic evolution of Saudi Arabia: Recent evolution (last few years), current situation & short term prospects (next two years).Your analysis should allow the reader to get a clear economic diagnosis of the country and to identify its weaknesses, strengths and pote ... Read More

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Calculation Of Total And Marginal Revenue Function Of Monopolistic Firm

QuestionA monopolist estimates its inverse demand function to equalP = 2400 – 5Q.In addition, it estimates its short-run total cost function to equal TC = 2Q3 – 15Q2 + 400Qand its marginal-cost function to equalSMC = 6Q2 – 30Q + 400.a)  What is the firm’s total revenue f ... Read More

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Wage Rate Calculation With Marginal And Average Revenue Product Curves Given

QuestionSuppose that a competitive firm is facing the following Marginal Revenue Product and Average Revenue Product curves.  ·    If the wage rate is $20, how many workers will the firm hire? Explain your answer. ·    If the wage rate is $30, how ma ... Read More

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Importance And Impact Of Exchange Rates

QuestionIn lay terminology, and using no quotes, describe what exchange rates are. Why are exchange rates important to a firm’s CFO, investors, and customers? Describe and explain at least 3 causes of changing exchange rates. Describe the impact of changes in exchange rates on a company’ ... Read More

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Best Country For Manufacturing Based On Currency Exchange Rate

QuestionThe problem - determining which of the four countries to choose for manufacturing Assume the following in your calculations:The current U.S. manufacturing cost is $10/unitCurrent exchange rates, current quotes, including freight and other product, transportation, tariff, and insurance costsM ... Read More

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Chinese Yuan Undervaluation And Should US Undervalue Dollar

QuestionChina has kept the yuan undervalued by anywhere from 15–40%, depending upon the research that has been done. It has done this to keep its currency weaker than it might otherwise be. The CFO is wondering whether further changes in the yuan versus dollar exchange rate might occur. Discus ... Read More

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Calculation Of Profit Maximizing Output And Price

QuestionSuppose a monopolistically competitive firm is facing the following demand and cost information. Price Quantity Demanded Total Cost $30 10 200 29 11 208 28 12 217 27 13 227 26 14 ... Read More

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Price Of Product Being Equal To Marginal Cost

QuestionYour friend Mike owns a coffee shop in a town with many competing coffee shops in a monopolistically competitive industry.  One day Mike tells you (a trained economist) that he is earning an economic profit and is currently setting his price equal to his marginal cost. Is Mike producing ... Read More

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Monopolistically Competitive Market Increase In Price And Increase In Profit

QuestionYour friend Alberta is the owner of a boutique clothing store in a monopolistically competitive clothing market, so Alberta’s store has some degree of market power. Assume further that the market is in long-run equilibrium. Over coffee, Alberta tells you that she is considering raising ... Read More

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Countries Adversely Affected During 2008 Financial Crisis

QuestionWhy did some countries fare better in the recent financial crisis? Can early warning indicators help predict which countries will be most vulnerable in an economic crisis such as the one that occurred in 2008-09?From the data found in the Excel sheet attached, we want to focus on the followi ... Read More

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