Economics Business In Asia


  1. ‘For foreign businesses, there are strategic advantages of pursuing a China plus India Strategy.’ Do you agree with this statement? Why/why not? Discuss in Detail. And what are these strategic advantages?
  2. What are the implications of an Asia-oriented business strategy for Australia? Discuss in detail.
  3. China and India together possess the weight and dynamism to transform the 21st century. Which country do you think has more long term potential to compete in the current world market situation? Discuss.
  4. You have been hired by an Australian Company as a consultant to advise them on their Asian expansion. The company is thinking of expanding in one of the following countries like  India, China and Indonesia. In your role as a consultant you have been asked to choose one of the above countries and advise the company with supporting arguments of the possible opportunities and threats arising from both business and cultural environments.
  5. Discuss in detail, the difference between the strategy adopted by India and the one adopted by China. Which of these emerging superpowers do you think has more long term potentials to compete in the current global market? Why?
  6. ‘China has many divisions in itself’. Discuss this statement and identify the advantages and disadvantages of having these subdivisions within China for foreign companies entering the Chinese market.



The assignment in Economics deals with the concept of Business of Asia. Under this concept, contemporary business conditions in those countries where multinationals open up their offices are looked at. Various questions about the best business destination in Asia and those countries which can become the next super power have been discussed in the solution.

Total word count is 2043


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