Dynamic Webpage Development Using Javascript Client-Side Programming


Demonstrate the skill of creating a dynamic Web page that includes JavaScript client-side programming. Demonstrate the skill of creating a Web page that delivers audio and/or video content. Design and develop a Web site that includes at least two Web pages that meet the following requirements.

·    The design of all Web pages in the site must include:
   o    a header at the top of the page,
   o    a horizontal navigation bar below the header,
   o    required content below the navigation bar.

·    One Web page must include dynamic content created by client-side programming using JavaScript.
   o    JavaScript programming code can be either
      §    embedded in the head element or
      §    included in an external JavaScript file that is linked to the Web page.
   o    You may
      §    write your own JavaScript code or
      §    obtain the JavaScript code from a provider of free code.
   o    Ensure the JavaScript programming code is free of errors that cause it to fail to execute.
   o    Ensure the JavaScript code is called to execute.
   o    Ensure the JavaScript programming code is included in the Web site.
   o    Validate the HTML in the Web page.

·    One Web page must deliver audio and/or video content.
   o    Deliver the content to older browsers
      §    using the embed element
      §    that falls back to Flash.
  o    Deliver the content to modern browsers
     §    using the video and/or audio elements.
     §    Ensure the content plays in all modern browsers.
  o    Ensure the media files are included in the Web site.
  o    Validate the HTML in the Web page.

·    Use at least one external CSS file to
  o    provide style, presentation, and layout to the Web pages in the Web site.
  o    Validate the CSS style rules.

·    Zip (compress) the Visual Studio Web site folder into a .zip file format to submit.


The question belongs to Computer Science and it discusses about developing a dynamic webpage using Javascript client-side programming. The webpage includes audio and video as well.

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