Discussion paper addressing Today's Human Capital Challenge


You have been appointed to lead a team of Human Resource Management colleagues at a 3-day management retreat and have to prepare for this event scheduled in 5 weeks time. Your task is to prepare a discussion paper for distribution to all managers of your employing organization before the event. You need to address on the topic “Addressing Today’s Human Capital Challenges”.

Your discussion paper, based upon your research reading and experience, should embrace and contain the following subject content : -

•    An Overview of the Purpose of your discussion paper
•    The Key Issues and Challenges facing the management of human capital globally.
•    How these discoveries translate to your company’s industry at your current business locations.
•    The resultant, justified, priorities for attention in YOUR current employing organization and location(s).
•    An Action Plan for implementing new Human Capital initiatives, prioritized to time.
•    How you proposed changes can be managed effectively.
•    How you will conduct research among the managers attending the retreat, to discover the reaction to your discussion paper.


The question belongs to Human Resource Management and it is about “addressing today’s human capital challenge” as a team lead at a human resource management 3-day retreat. A paper must be prepared for distribution between all managers of your organization. The solution has the discussion paper enclosed.

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