Discuss The Role And Importance Of Coach In An Organization


Elaine was appointed as Development Director of a medical electronics company.  She was hired to settle recurrent failings in delivery of a medical electronics project to be exported to the United States, China, Russia, Brazil and India.  Elaine’s drive and energy rubbed the finance director and some engineering leaders reporting to her the wrong way.  They regarded her as a bully and resisted any support for her efforts to raise the level of performance of the business.  Frustrated with their apparent “resistance,” she acted in ways that reinforced the negative cycle. As a coach how would you transform the performance of the team?  Specifically how would you coach Elaine, the Finance Director and Engineering Leaders to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization? Hint:  Use the Six Steps With Teams.

1. Think about thinking

2. Listen for Potential

3. Speak with Intent

4. Dance Toward Insight

5. Create New Thinking

6. Follow-up



The question belongs to Human Resources Management and it discusses about the importance of a coach in an organization and how would a coach transform or help improve performances in the organization.

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