Discuss About Descriptive Statistics And Using Explore Function In SPSS For Data Analysis


USING SPSS (1) describe your data sources, (2) present descriptive statistics and (3) explore the data. Write up to 5 pages to describe your data sample and descriptive statistics.

Describe your data sources.

Brief descriptions of data: data source (first hand or second hand; where did you get it, if secondhand), year of collection, unit of analysis, sample size, etc

Descriptive Statistics (Creating the “Table 1”)

You will create a table that provides descriptive statistics of all variables that you plan to use. In many journal articles, authors present this information as “Table I” (because it is most likely the first table presented in their papers) with table titles such as “Descriptive Statistics” or “Sample Characteristics.” For continuous variables, presents means and standard deviations (sometimes, minimum and maximum are also presented). For nominal variables (dichotomous or categorical variables), present frequency percentages or proportions rather than means or standard deviations. For example, it makes no sense to calculate the mean or standard deviation of race as a nominal variable. After presenting your Table 1, briefly discuss the meaning (how is it defined and measured) and statistics of each variable that you will use in the table. If it is from a survey, provide the following information:

*whole or partial wording of original questions

*response categories

*any modifications you made, if not (e.g., sum of multiple items, combined categories)

Explore the Data

Use the “Explore” function in SPSS data analysis and appropriate graphs discussed in the class to explore the variables of your interest. Discuss the information resulted from your exploration, for example, extreme values and distribution of your variables.



The question belongs to Statistics and it discusses about descriptive statistics and using Explore function in SPSS for data analysis.

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