Disadvantages of Greenhouse Effect Essay

Question: Essay on Disadvantages of Greenhouse Effect


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The Greenhouse effect explanation

Disadvantages of Green house effect

Detailed Analysis


Water Resources


Energy Production



What are the disadvantages of the Greenhouse effect?

The Greenhouse effect is the main reason of climate modification which in turn is the most important issue accountable for climate transformation.  It is important to understand the definition and role of Greenhouse effect before discussing the disadvantages.

green house effect

(Source: https://igcsegeography.wordpress.com/revision-materials/energy-water-and-the-environment/)

The Greenhouse effect explanation:

Greenhouse effect is the method or the system by that thermal emission from earth’s base is again fascinated by the greenhouse gases as well as it is directed to all directions. Few of the important “green house gases” are ozone, methane, carbon dioxide, and water vapour. Out of which mostly these gases are not good absorbers of “solar radiations”, hence it allows the good quantity of the solar energy to enter via the atmosphere of the earth hence it warms up the surface of the earth. Whereas, a part of the out-going power is engrossed by such gases, then it is again directed to the surface of earth and resulting in the atmosphere warming. This procedure is called as the “Greenhouse Effect”. Since long time there is a perfect balance between “the quantity of the solar energy which is directed to earth & the solar energy which is redirected to the space”.  As the fossil fuels burning increased, the ration of carbon dioxide in the surroundings has majorly enhanced hence it adds up to the Greenhouse effect. (The Geography Study School, n.d.)

In simple words, the greenhouse effect is the procedure by which “emission from a planet's environment warms the earth’s base to warmth above what it will be without its environment”.

In case the earth’s environment has radiatively active gases (like, greenhouse gases) the environment will give out power in all sides. Section of this emission is aimed to the base, heating it. The descending element of such emission – which is, the strong point of the greenhouse effect – would base on the environment’s temperature as well as on the quantity of greenhouse gases which the environment possess.

On planet, the environment is heated by inclusion of “infrared thermal radiation” from the primary base (warmed by sun), combination of short wave-length radiant power from the sun, as well as convective warm fluxes from the base. Greenhouse gasses in the air transmit vitality, some of which is coordinated to the base and lower environment. The system that creates this distinction between the genuine surface temperature and the viable temperature is because of the climate and is known as the Greenhouse effect.

Earth's common Greenhouse effect is important to helping life. Human exercises, basically the blazing of fossil energizes and clearing of timberlands, have heightened the common Greenhouse effect, bringing on an unnatural weather change.

The technique is named after a broken similarity with the impact of sun powered radiation going through glass and warming a Greenhouse. The way a Greenhouse holds warmth is on a very basic level diverse, as a greenhouse functions by decreasing wind stream and holding warm air inside the system. (Lallanilla, 2016)

Disadvantages of Greenhouse effect:

  • As the green house gases assists to sustain the warmth, the main influence of the increment in greenhouse gases will be on weather. That results in the warmer summers and brings the natural disasters. In recent years “Hurricanes” are common.
  • “Water level balance” of the planet will be damaged. Polar- ice caps will liquefy directing to an increasing in the ocean surface.
  • Ecosystem and Marine life will be damaged. Oceans soak up carbon dioxide thus influencing the stage of alkalinity. In case alkalinity enhanced then it would affect the marine life too as well as damage of Polar ecosystems.
  • It will also influence the pattern of weather. In many sections of earth the rainfall will be erratic. This will direct to desertification. (Soffar, 2016)

green house effect

(Source: http://www.online-sciences.com/earth-and-motion/the-negative-effects-of-the-global-warming-phenomenon-and-how-to-overcome-the-global-warming/)

Detailed Analysis:


Increasing warmth has a straight influence on health of human. At the time when it is contact with high stage of warmth then people may face the problems of heat stroke, heat cramps, heat exhaustion as well as increased body temperature. Molds, weeds, grasses and trees which grounds allergic responses in citizens thrive in a hot environment, as per EPA or Environmental Protection Agency. Also, the EPA states that problems like cholera and salmonella that are conveyed via impure ware and food might develop into more extensive because of flooding. Enhanced action between mosquitoes and ticks because of temperature change as well as patterns of rain may convey other diseases like Lyme disease, malaria and the West Nile virus. (Sothern, 2015)

Water Resources

The EPA expresses that changing climate designs and higher temperatures influence the sum and nature of water assets accessible for human utilization. Dry seasons can go away rare water assets, a hazardous condition in leave like districts, for example, the Southwestern United States, that have constrained water assets. Then again, extreme tempests and flooding can wash chemicals and different contaminants into waterways, streams and lakes, which bring down the nature of the water.


Higher temperatures effects sly affect products and animals. Expanding temperatures in hotter territories of the globe may bring about temperatures that are too high for specific yields to develop, as indicated by the EPA. Changing precipitation examples and more serious tempests can likewise diminish edit yield. These conditions additionally put weight on domesticated animals, bringing about creatures, for example, cows, to sicken or kick the bucket. As agriculturists and farmers lose yields and animals, sustenance creation will diminish, which can bring about starvations in a few regions of the world.

Energy Production

Rising temperatures require more vitality for aerating and cooling amid the mid year. As per the EPA, expanded utilization of cooling puts a strain on the power plants, transmission matrices and appropriation frameworks of force organizations as they attempt to deliver enough vitality to meet the rising requests. This worry to the vitality foundation could prompt to brownouts or power blackouts amid warmth waves. Besides, purchasers will probably observe an ascent in their power costs amid these periods.


The EPA characterizes a biological community as an associated arrangement of plants, creatures and microorganisms that cooperate with their physical surroundings and with each other. The Greenhouse effect can fundamentally change delicate land and water biological communities and disturb life in these areas. As the atmosphere changes in specific districts, a few plants and creatures might not be able to adjust to these fast changes and will either pass on or move to more cordial areas. Consequently, a few environments could lose whole species. (Sothern, 2015) 


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