Differences in Cross-cultural Morality and Immanuel Kant on Ethical Decision Making


1. If a Middle Eastern culture and an East Asian culture differ as to the morality of a particular action, under ethical relativism:

A. a cost-benefit analysis should be conducted to determine the relative economic efficiency of the action.
B. the action should be viewed through a "veil of ignorance" to determine whether it is ethical.
C. the action should be assessed to determine whether the action produces more net pleasure compared with net pain.
D. both cultures are correct.

2. How does Immanuel Kant's approach to ethical decision-making differ from that of an ethical fundamentalist?

A. Kant's approach assesses each separate act according to whether it maximizes pleasure over pain.
B. Kant's approach judges society in moral terms by how it distributes goods and services.
C. Kant's approach is premised on man's rationality and not on principles handed down from above.
D. Kant's approach stresses liberty and not justice.


These multiple choice questions belong to Law. The first question defining morality based on Middle Eastern culture and East Asian culture and the second question is about Immanuel Kant’s approach on ethical decision making differing from ethical fundamentalist.

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