Difference in Values and Ideals from Older Generations to Younger Generations


Generational differences in the workplace are often discussed in relation to mobility, technological adaptation and motivation preferences. However the differing values between each of the four generations provides another contrast:
•    Older generation
•    Baby boomers
•    Gen X
•    Gen Y

Using your own value set, compare and contrast your values with those of an older generation, either in your workplace, or from your family. This essay should reference at least 6 (six) journal articles written between 2000 – 2012 which has researched the nexus between values and generations.
1. A brief literature review
2. An application of the topic reviewed to a workplace example

A literature review explores and evaluates common themes, key arguments and differences in viewpoints across the journal articles that form your review, therefore six are required (at a minimum) to have enough information. Focus on the values and generations (here you might have to use “values and Baby Boomers”, or “values and generational differences” to find your articles. As part of your review (think of it from a ‘helicopter’ perspective) and focus on the following:

• Are there different definitions and explanations, of when synthesized do the articles basically say the same thing?
• What are the key arguments and do these differ between different authors?
• What are the common themes? What are the main differences?
• What are the key findings from your review?
We discourage six (or more) separate summaries of each of the articles reviewed.


The question belongs to Sociology and it is a comparison of individuals from older generation to younger generation on the values of individuals. Values and ideals are considered to be the most important factors that determine an individual’s decision making process. The differences in younger generation and older generation have been pointed out in the solution.

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