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Difference between Persuasion and Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM)


Persuasion and the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM)

After you have selected a local consumer organization, chose one of its products, and conduct a literature review that critically examines the concepts of Persuasion and the ELM.  
The literature review is the foundation of the research report and must include no less than ten (10) refereed academic journal articles, dated no earlier than 1995, that examine Persuasion and the ELM. Your analysis of the Persuasion and the ELM literature in the journal articles will provide the information you need to write a group Research Report in no more than 1500 words.

The purpose of the literature review is to ensure that you consider all the important aspects of Persuasion and the ELM that may not be discussed in the required text; - avoid using direct quotes from the academic journal articles.  Instead, summarize the relevant literature on the topic and apply your analysis of that literature to the selected local consumer organization; do not forget to cite the authors of the literature as the sources of your analysis.  Referencing your research is one of the marking criteria – note the penalties for Plagiarism.


The question belongs to Marketing and it is about Persuasion and ELM or Elaboration Likelihood Model. The concepts of persuasion and ELM are dealt with in detail. While persuasion is a concept where the acceptance or non-acceptance of a general idea induces a change in the attitude of people. ELM on the other hand deals with the assessment of the argument and positioning in the form such that it can either be termed as high elaboration and low elaboration. The solution discusses these two concepts further in detail.

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