Discussion about Developing Leadership Strategy


Case Scenario:

You are the leader of small company high tech producing health related products recently with your hard work you manage to develop  a design of new product to quire INFLUENZA for elderly people. You developed highly innovation idea but its financially risky.


Lack of support from your team to develop the  design of product to commercialized, your team members not really put their effort to support your development. They are providing all kind of reasons to not proceed with your design, such as “ some claims small company having very huge idea”  which not easy to implement, some says lack or resources to develop this product( man power, technology, finance and many more) some other “ internal political issues” some claiming of return on investment issue on this product, Lack of trust, support, motivation and contribution.


You as leader need to develop leadership strategy how to overcome these issues and successfully implement your project with support of your team.


Summary: This question belongs to marketing and discusses about developing leadership strategy


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