Developing an SQL Database for a Local Recreation Business



Members of a small town in Tennessee are tired of having nothing to do on the weekend.  They want to start a local club where people can pay a monthly fee to be a member and participate in various activities.  Activities will be offered for 3 basic age groups: 12-18 years old, 19-55 years old, 56 and older. The club will have a short order grill for sandwiches and salads, a bar that operates late afternoons and evenings, basketball court, tennis courts, shuffle board, climbing wall, large TV/movie room with a flat screen TV, and a computer game room with a LAN setup and several smaller TV's and game consoles and a weight room. A few years down the road, they plan to add a swimming pool and an outdoor track.

When a person joins, he/she gets a badge with a unique member number that serves as an ID which can be swiped to get into the club, to participate in activities and to use as a charge card while at the club (to pay for meals or other incidentals).

Assumption:  you can assume that each time a card is swiped, the following data will be available from the card swipe system to store into one or more tables in a database:
 - member name
 - member ID
 - date
 - time
 - activity (example: enter club, purchase sandwich, computer game room, climbing wall, purchase beer)

You do not have to be concerned with how the data gets into the system.  Just concentrate on the design of the system and what data needs to be stored.

Certain activities will be restricted by age:
12-18 year olds are not allowed in the bar or the weight room
56 and older are not allowed in the computer game room

The club needs you to design a database to help them manage the business.  Some of the things they need to keep track of are memberships, club dues, activities that members participate in, time of day/night that members visit, operating costs for the club (bills paid out, dues coming in, taxes etc), general information about the club (ownership, hours, address, etc),

Project Requirements
Complete the following tasks:
1) Using the description above, design a database for the club.
2) Generate an E-R diagram for the database. - use at least 4 entities.  each entity must have at least 3 attributes
3) Diagram the relationships between the entities, including the name, optionality and degree ---- include all the E-R diagrams and relationships in one document ----
4) Ensure that your database is in 2nd normal form and that all the tables follow the rules of referential integrity and entity integrity.


The question belongs to Computer Science and it is about creating a database in SQL for a recreation based organization in a small town. The database must include tables and queries which record and retrieve the information on how customers spend their time in the club and how much they are spending on. The ER diagram and the basic coding for SQL has been given in the solution.

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