Developing a Webpage in HTML that can Segregate and Store Music


Task: A homepage that automatically comes up when you go to (instead of the default Ruby-on-Rails page). This page will describe your musical tastes including your two favorite types of music. These two types could be like: rock and classical, or folk and rap, or whatever and whatever else.
A music page that lets you manage a database of your favorite pieces of music. The music must be in a database that tells:

o    Composer
o    Piece name
o    Artist
o    Year recorded
o    Music type (don't just call it "type", that's a reserved word)

The music page should:

o    At the top of the page tell how many pieces are listed in the db
o    Tell all 5 attributes for all pieces of music listed
o    If that piece of music is your first type of music then color it red.
o    If that piece of music is your second type of music then color it blue.
o    If that piece of music is neither of your favorite types then just list it in generic black.

(You may just use <span style="color:blue">colored text</span>)

At the bottom of the page should be a link to the music database's index page that has the clickable text "Manage music db"


The question belongs to Computer Science, particularly to HTML and the question is about creating a website which lets you manage your favorite music segregated in terms of genre. This has been presented in the solution.

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