Develop Website Using HTML And Validate It Using CSS And Visual Studio


Development teams are necessary in application development, including Web development. Members of the Small Group will form a development team responsible for developing a small Web site according to the following specifications.

·    The Web site should include four or more Web pages designed along current usability guidelines.
    o    One page must be the Home page.
    o    One page must be a subscription page that
           §    allows the user to become a member or subscribe to your organization and
           §    performs HTML data validation.
·    The development team will make such decisions as the purpose and content of the Web site.
·    Submit a site plan that documents the design of the Web site.
·    The Web site must incorporate the use of
    o    images,
    o    at least one table (NOT for page layout),
    o    at least one form,
    o    navigation,
    o    as well as other valid HTML elements
    o    to produce a cohesive site that is easy to navigate.
·    The Web site must include external CSS used to format and layout each Web page.
·    The development team will decide whether to develop a single or multiple style sheets.
·    Validate the HTML in each Web page.
·    Validate the CSS style rules in each CSS.
·    Add the site plan to the Visual Studio Web site folder.
·    Zip (compress) the Visual Studio Web site folder into a .zip file to submit.


The question belongs to Computer Science and it discusses developing a website using HTML and validating it through CSS and Visual Studio. The solution has a prototype website coding.

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