Develop Subnet Calculator Using Visual Studio


Create a Visual Basic .NET Windows Application with the following user requirements:

1. Has an interface layout similar to the Sample Layout.
2. Has a modular program structure, where all required functions are contained in a separate class library that is completely independent from the main UI class.
3. The user will enter two pieces of information: the base network address and the desired number of hosts per subnet. You can assume the network address will be the valid address for a class A, B or C network (e.g. and the desired number of hosts is mathematically possible within that network (e.g. you can't type 257 for a class C network), but the number does not have to match the actual number of possible hosts in the subnet (e.g. the user may want a subnet with 17 hosts, but the subnet could have a max of 32 hosts).
4. The maximum number of hosts per subnet will be determined from the desired number of hosts.
5. The program will calculate and display the network address in different numeric formats: decimal octets, decimal number, binary octets and hexadecimal octets.
6. The network class (A/B/C) and, subsequently, the total number of IP addresses are determined from the network address.
7. The subnet mask will be determined from the calculated subnet size & displayed in decimal octet, binary octet and bit formats.
8. The number of subnets will determined from the total number of IP addresses & calculated subnet size.
9. The details can be calculated via a button on the form and a menu item selection.
10. The form can be cleared of all information, entered and calculated, via a menu item selection.
11. The Exit menu item will close the application.
12. The application should not be resizable.
13. Saves/loads subnet details from a file via menu items. You can choose the exact file format (an example is shown below), but the file must contain all the information displayed on the form.


The question belongs to Computer Science and it discusses developing a Subnet Calculator using Visual Studio. The solution has the program.

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