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Bugis Lemak Dining has developed their own signature version of the famous Malay nasi lemak dish which they call Bugis Lemak. The recipe is treated as a trade secret but the founder has indicated that Bugis Lemak is flavoured with spices from Bali, Indonesia. They have two restaurants. One is in Sentosa and the other is in Orchard, Singapore. Diners can dine in or choose to buy take away packs. The price is the same irrespective. The price is $5 per pack.

The founder and CEO, Mr. Usman Bin Thani is concerned about the difference in revenues of the two restaurants. He feels that absenteeism may be the cause. He will like to open more outlets but feels he must understand the problems first. He has engaged you as a consultant to analyse their business data and advise him.Mr. Thani has provided you the data for a sample of 100 days from the Sentosa and Orchard outlets. You are to assist Mr. Thani to analyse the data “Data.xls” using Excel software and provide solutions to the following questions:

Question 1

Compare revenue between Sentosa and Orchard outlet. Describe the data on revenue by using descriptive statistics. Organise the appropriate output from your software into a relevant statistical and graphical presentation of the data. Interpret your preliminary observations.

Question 2

(a) Define 95% confidence intervals for the revenues of the outlets. Identify the measures of location and dispersion. Interpret these confidence intervals in your report. With these findings, can you validate Mr. Thani’s claims?

(b) Describe the key assumption(s) you have made in constructing this confidence interval. Discuss if this/these assumption(s) reasonable. Use the Central Limit Theorem in your discussions.

(c) Execute statistical tests to explore whether the key assumptions (s) were found to be violated. Explain what your subsequent follow up will be.



The question belongs to Statistics and it discusses about comparing data on absenteeism in two outlets of a restaurant. The data from the Excel sheet has been used for interpretation.

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