Data Mining Powerpoint Presentation with an Example


Research the forms of data used in the system of your choice. This system could be your own health care organization, the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital found in the University of Phoenix Virtual Organizations, or an organization from the course readings.

Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, including detailed speaker notes, that identifies the forms of data collected and used in your chosen system. Include at least one slide per form of data.

Answer the following questions:
•    Where do the data come from, such as outside test results?
•    Where do the data go—patient record, printer, physician folder, or other destination?
•    How are the different forms of data used?
•    What is the importance of each form of data?
•    What kinds of data does the organization send out, such as quality measures, patient billing, purchase orders, and so forth?
•    What security measures are taken to protect the data?
•    What kinds of data do senior executives want mined?
•    What do they use the data for?
•    Who mines the data and who uses it?
•    What kinds of statistics are used to validate the data?

Develop a statistical validation as an example by mining some data from the system of your choice, graphing it, explaining it, and discussing why it is important.


The question belongs to Computer Science and it is about data mining. An example of a health institute named Kaiser Permanente has been used in the solution. Kaiser Permanente is an integrated managed care consortium and it is divided into three entities: The Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Kaiser Foundation Hospital and Permanente Medical Groups. The solution here contains the importance of the data, the sources of the data and how this data can be interpreted.

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