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Critique on the Feature Movie The Butler


The Effect of Social Stratification Based on Race, Ethnicity and Social Class: The Relevance of Feature Movie “The Butler” This movie is based on the recollection story of Cecile Gains who in his lifetime lived through eventful sociological and political changes in America during the 1920’s to 2008.

Write an essay based on The culture that Cecile Gains was brought up in defines the Functionalist Perspective and later in life he witnessed what Karl Marx described as Conflict Perspective.

  1. Why was there a movement against the ‘white’ policy? What were the tactics used by the movements to achieve its goals? How did the larger society (whites) respond to the violation of social norms?
  2. What was the turning point that made Cecil Gains resigned from his position as a butler?


This question belongs to linguistics and discusses about Social stratification based on race, ethnicity, and social class.

Word count: 656


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