Critical Analysis of Medication Chart in the understanding of medication administration


Scenario Analysis: Written assignment that requires critical analysis of medication chart associated with patient scenario. The assessment will require to show an understanding of legal/ethical medication administration, patient education, and a thorough knowledge of the use of the chosen drugs across the lifespan.

Ms Emily Seville is a 65 year old woman who fell at home overnight on her way to the toilet. She has just been admitted to the surgical ward following a total hip replacement a few hours ago. Ms Seville is allergic to penicillin (anaphylaxis when she was a child) and morphine (which makes her hallucinate). She states that her past medical history includes:

•  Tonsillectomy in 1941
•  Appendicectomy in 1943
•  Insomnia for "many years" which is why she has her "sleeping tablet"
•  "Mild asthma"
•  Osteoarthritis diagnosed a few months ago managed on paracetamol
•  Recent “chest infection" treated with Rulide (commenced by a GP at a local afterhours clinic yesterday)


The question belongs to Nursing and it is a scenario analysis of an old lay who trips and falls and has to undergo a hip surgery. The history of the patient has been presented in the question. Her current treatment must not interfere with her medical history to avoid further complications and hence, the solution provides various alternatives for better treatment of the patient.

Total Word Count 1701


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