Creating a Facebook Login Based App



Create a Facebook login based app.
App should have 3, not necesary, view controllers.
1- welcome screen with a button to connect using facebook.
2- the facebook button and a button to go back to the main page.
3- theviewcontroller that will show up as the login went successful.

How can redirect the user to another window after login went ok?

This the code in the viewController.swift file


importFBSDKLoginKit //my Code

importFBSDKCoreKit //my Code

classViewController: UIViewController{

overridefuncviewDidLoad() {


letlogInButton = FBSDKLoginButton()

view.addSubview(logInButton) =

if (FBSDKAccessToken.current() != nil) {

// User is already logged in, do work such as go to next view controller.

// I need help here. How to send the user to another window.



overridefuncdidReceiveMemoryWarning() {


// Dispose of any resources that can be recreated.



Everything works like it should, I just help redirecting the user to "Show after successful login" after login with Facebook happens
Right now it only shows the Facebook logout button and stays in the same page...

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