Create an Air traffic control system simulation in C programming


Create an Air traffic control system simulation in C programming

This task will simulate the control of a single airplane from departure to arrival. At the departure airport, Air Control Officer I will be responsible for getting the aircraft safely up to the required altitude for handover to the pilot. When the aircraft is within the area of responsibility of the destination airport, Air Control Officer II will take over control of the aircraft and guide it descend and landing. Between handing over to the pilot and from the pilot to Air Control Officer II the airplane will be flying auto mode. The simulation will present an appropriate graphical interface to show the flight profile, display relevant information about the aircraft, the dialog between pilot and air control officers etc. The Air control officers will be required to pass information to the pilot. The pilot will then make the requisite change to ensure that the plane follows a safe flight path. These requirements will be updated as clarification are solicited and ratified.

1.    Software Requirement Specification - May 23, 2012(I got an extension to the 25th May)
a.    Purpose
b.    Product scope
c.    Functionality
i.    Functional
d.    Entities and Operation
i.    Include characteristics.
e.    User interface

2.    Design Specification – Due May 27, 2012
a.    Graphical representation of structure(entities and operation) and program flow with some explanation
b.    Algorithm-pseudo code or worded steps
c.    Top down stepwise refinement diagram


The question belongs to Computer Science, particularly to C programming. The question here is about developing a program in C which simulates a flight seen on radar screen. This simulation can be helpful for Air Traffic Controllers who direct flights to their destinations correctly.

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