Correlation Analysis For Childhood Respiratory Disease Study And Force Expiratory Volume


FEV (Forced Expiratory Volume) is an index of pulmonary function that measures the volume of air expelled after one second of constant effort. The data contains determinations of FEV on 654 children ages 6-22 who were seen in the Childhood Respiratory Disease Study in 1980 in East Boston, Massachusetts. The data are part of a larger study to follow the change in pulmonary function over time in children. The variables in the dataset are

ID  -  ID number

Age  -  Years

FEV  -  Litres Height  -  Inches

Sex  -  Male or Female

Smoker  -  Non = non-smoker,

Current = current smoker

Obtain descriptive statistics for all variables on the dataset. Write a paragraph that explains the statistics for each variable referring to appropriate charts or tables in the report. Perform a correlation analysis on all continuous variables and describe in a paragraph the significant associations. Use FEV as the dependent variable and build an explanatory model in terms of all other variables. Start with the variable that has the largest (in absolute value) r with FEV Include in the model the variable with the next largest r and begin to build the table (Data are only an example) Model R2 Change in R2 F Change in F Df Num Df Dem p 1 0.479 12.5 1 106 2 0.567 0.088 18.8 6.3 1 105 0.014 Keep building the model until the p value associated with the change in F is >0.05. Recode the categorical variables (gender, smoker) as dummy variables and include them in the model. Once the model is built write an equation of the form and explain in a paragraph the overall precision of the model and the meaning of each coefficient. 


The question belongs to Statistics and it discusses about performing correlation analysis and writing a paragraph to explain the relationship between childhood respiratory disease study and forced expiratory volume in children.

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