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Report on Fundamental Strategic Difference between Ford and Toyota

Question You are to develop the fundamentals of strategic plans for the Ford Motor Company and the Toyota Motor Corporation, two giants of the automobile industry. You are to develop SWOT analyses and propose strategies for the two multinational enterprises. In doing so, it will be necessary to res ... Read More

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Report on Speculation of Strategic Decision by Competitor

Question When working in the area of strategic management, you will often be asked to look at what appears to be a strategic initiative on the part of another company and speculate as to what the strategy behind the initiative really is. In other words, what is the company really trying to do and w ... Read More

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Report on SWOT and Stratefic Analysis of Apple for the near future

Question Draw up a SWOT and strategic analysis for a company. You must analyze the company, its core products, its organization, its markets, and its competition. Based on your understanding of the company and its environment, you must suggest at least one major strategic initiative to be implement ... Read More

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Developing a Preliminary Business Plan

Question As members of the senior management team of Tolapp Corporation, your group has been asked to prepare a neat and organized report for the Strategic Officers Steering Committee (SOS-C) of Tolapp Corporation. The purpose of this paper is to obtain permission from them to go forward with the n ... Read More

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Report on SWOT Analysis of Apple Inc.

Question You are a senior manager of a computer company that competes with Apple, Inc. (Apple). You read a case study about Apple and determined that doing a SWOT analysis of Apple may help you with your own strategies. Perform a SWOT analysis by identifying at least five factors each for Apple's s ... Read More

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Report on 'First Mover' and 'Late Mover' Theory for Products and Services

Question The managers of your company are deciding whether to develop a brand new product not yet seen in the marketplace or a version of a competitor's product that has already been launched into the marketplace. Management has called a meeting to discuss which way to go. They want to know if they ... Read More

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Strategic decision of a company going for Merger and/or Acquisition

Question You are part of a company who has made the strategic decision to acquire another company. There are two possible implementation strategies for this decision: A. Merge the acquired company into your company. The result of this strategy will be one company containing the elements of both co ... Read More

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Report on Real Business Purpose, Mission Strategy and Organizational Analysis

Question Write a report about an organization by addressing the following aspects. •    Business purpose, mission, strategy •    Organizational self-analysis. Comparative advantage theory •    Market Orientation. Knowledge as a strategic ... Read More

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Report on Mission Statement, Strategic Objectives, Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Process and Ethical and Legal Issues in an Organization

Question Tolapp Corporation is a successful US manufacturing company located in Tennessee that builds power tools, lawn mowers, lawn furniture, microwaves, and ranges. All products are manufactured locally and sold through large retailers like Sears, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart. They have sale papers in ... Read More

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Essay on the Phenomenon 'Boiled Frog'

Question Search the Internet to find the term "boiled frog" phenomenon. What is the "boiled frog" phenomenon? How does it apply to business and, particularly, strategic management? Do some research to find a business example of a situation where this has occurred. What could the business have done ... Read More

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Library Research: Corporate Social Responsibility

Question Library Research Project We are witnessing a large number of multinational corporations (MNCs) getting involved in philanthropies and local communities’ development activities (such as providing financial aid to remove illiteracy and poverty, creating health and safety awareness pro ... Read More

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Scenario Analysis: Assigning New Project to a Foreign Company

Question Your company sells underwear for men and women. You decide to invest into a firm in Romania that will produce this product for you. You are sending a manager, an accountant, and an engineer for this Romanian firm. All three are from the US home office. •    What kind o ... Read More

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