Construct Cause And Effect Diagram For Business


A refrigeration and heating company—one that installs and repairs home central air and heating systems—has asked your advice on how to analyze their service quality. They have logged customer complaints. Here's a recent sampling. Construct a conventional cause-and-effect (aka: fishbone and Ishakawa) diagram. Place each of the complaints onto a main cause; justify your choice with a brief comment as necessary.

1. "I was overcharged—your labor rates are too high."
2. "The repairman left trash where he was working."
3. "You weren't here when you said you would be. You should call when you must be late."
4. "Your repairman smoked in my house."
5. "The part you installed is not as good as the factory original."
6. "Your repairman was here for over two hours, but he wasn't taking his work seriously."
7. "You didn't tighten some of the fittings properly—the system's leaking."
8. "Your estimate of repair costs was WAY off."
9. "I called you to do an annual inspection, but you've done more—work that I didn't authorize."
10. "Your mechanic is just changing parts—he doesn't have a clue what's really wrong."
11. "Your bill has only a total—I wanted to see detail billing."
12. "Your testing equipment isn't very new—are you sure you've diagnosed the problem?"
13. "One of the workmen tracked mud into my living room."



The question belongs to Operations Management and it discusses about constructing a cause and effect diagram for logged complaints for a business.

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