Conflict Between Trade Liberalization and Environmental Policies


Write a two-page paper on “Trade liberalization conflicts with morally-conscious environmental policies”. Please ensure the argument to present the following information:
The party you represent
Your party's interests or objectives
Your party's assertion
And, a summary of the available evidence that supports your party's assertion and/or examples that illustrate the assertion.
Does free trade harm the environment?
Environmentalists argue that trade liberalization harms the environment. The decisions of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in particular have been the subject of much criticism. Carbaugh has described environmentalists' three primary assertions (Carbaugh, 2004):
Trade liberalization leads to a "race to the bottom" in environmental standards.
Trade liberalization conflicts with morally-conscious environmental policies.
Trade liberalization encourages trade in products that create global pollution ("pollution havens").
Proponents of trade liberalization argue that freer trade might actually improve the quality of the environment. For example, the international environmental policy of the U.S. and other industrial nations is based on the "polluter-pays principle." This approach is intended to give producers the incentive to develop more pollution-control techniques (Carbaugh, 2004).


The question belongs to Economics, particularly to Macroeconomics and it discusses about the environmental impact on free trade agreement or trade liberalizations. The viewpoints expressed in the solution are from an environmentalist with reference to the problems faced by the ecology of a region and in preserving the bio-diversity of that particular region. The paper essentially discusses how to strike a balance between trade and environment.

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